Sequim Small Business Association

Sequim Small Business Association

Sequim Small Business Association


New organization just forming!

Small Businesses being priced out of North Olympic Builders Assoc. costing upwards of $1,200.

All we need is to meet in a restaurant every other Tuesday morning to start.

Being together and sharing is important.

Contacts are important and price should not be an issue.

PABA charges $70/year and has been going for quite a few years.

Sequim needs to have an organization that does not charge large fees or prorated fees.

It should just cover costs. 

I know as new business consultant how to set up the nonprofit with the state.

Since it is only a membership non profit there isn't any state or business filings except to register.

Please give me a call at 360 457-6822 or email at

if you are interested in joining. 

Also looking to all restaurants that serve breakfast about hosting such a meeting! 

First meeting will be at Karen's Accounting Services Inc

145 E Washington Ste H to organize and elect officers.

Date: October 16th at 8am.

Most businesses open later in Sequim but some are outside workers

so come to the first meeting and we can discuss times and places!

Suggested annual fee $100 to start to build up funds to pay for meetings.

Restaurants: Call if you have space for this!