Tax Update Accounting Expert

Tax Update Accounting Expert

The Affordable Care Act and What You Need to Do!

2018 is the last year that individuals are mandated to have health insurance.

Employers, however, can get insurance and a lot cheaper than an individual.

If you are self-employed, should be at least an S Corp or C Corp so that 25% of your money

does not go to taxes. With just you and one other officer at least part time you qualify to

get Employers Health Plans. These premiums are 100% deductible off the company's income.

There are national groups that came out in June that you can sign up and go across state lines.

Do not go to local health insurance companies that do not offer Employer Plans!

Do not call the state run health site as they will try and tell you to get individual plans which

in Clallam County is not affordable!

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